IN AHNLISEN, OLD GODS PLOT REVENGE on those that displaced them, hidden cities hold ancient secrets, kings and priests vie for control of powerful relics, forgotten realms rise from ashes, spies and assassins of murky loyalties operate from the shadows, rebels and revolutionaries covertly arm themselves for discord, and oracles and scryers predict the rebirth of fallen immortals.

The world of SCIONS AND SHADOWS is one of magic and intrigue, spanning centuries of political conspiracies, divine machinations and conflicts of ethics, morality, and conscience. Swords and spells clash chaotically, forcing people to decide between what they want, and what is right.

SCIONS AND SHADOWS is a series of novels and novellas that share the same universe. There is an overarching plot, but each book can be read as a stand-alone and in any order.

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All Chapters Posted Here Are Drafts

Chronological Order

  1. SHADES AND SILVER – Available as FREE bonus content when you purchase Stars and Soil on Campfire or paid on Amazon.

  2. STARS AND SOIL – Exclusively on Campfire