ScionS aNd ShadowS


The birthright of every Ástfríður is to know each metal in the earth, command it, and bend it to their desires.

To hear metal singing, some of it waiting just beneath the surface, so much of it deeper in the earth. If they wanted, they knew they could pluck that metal from the earth, melt it with a thought, and shape it as they pleased with a breath of air and their will. Each Ástfríður must choose which metal they would wear upon their heads, denoting the path they would walk. They craft beautiful horns to wear on their brow, forged with the metal they wish to identify with.

But Britt does not know if they can choose the path they want if they can overcome a past that has stolen their identity. The day has come for them to choose, and they have no idea if they have any right to try.

And Astrid has never felt the pull of the metal at all. Wearing a forged circlet and horn, Astrid tries to navigate a world that they feel has rejected them, all the while fearing someone will learn their secret.

The Veil of the Ástfríður has kept these elusive people hidden from the world, and safe from invaders. Yet Britt and Astrid feel they are intruders in their own homes.

SHADES AND SILVER is a duology about identity, doubt, and acceptance.

Cover Art: Merilliza Chan