Caitlin had her whole life planned out.

She would live in the bustling port city of Whick with the reformed pirate she fell in love with and, one day, inherit her fathers' growing trading business.

She did not intend to stumble into an anti-monarchy riot and become involved with the revolutionaries determined to overthrow the nobility and create a world without hunger, poverty and homelessness. A world with justice for all, and not just those with means.

She did not want to catch the eye of a spoiled prince. She did not want him to pursue and court her, plunging her into a world of bickering dukes, suspicious foreign ambassadors, and scheming politicians.

She did not seek out the attentions of ancient and secret religious orders, intent on controlling the machinations of a kingdom from the shadows.

But she did.

Caught in a web of deception and conspiracies, she must now she must fight for her own life in the coming political chaos.

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